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Midsummer Bath Ritual

Bath Spell for Self Love

The solar energy of Midsummer is great for a good, cleansing, self-love bath spell, to clear yourself and fill yourself with joy on the longest day of the year as we head to the shorter days that rob some of us of our energy and happiness.


  • rosemary
  • cinnamon
  • orange essential oil

Run a hot bath, as hot as you can stand. Pour cinnamon and dried rosemary into the bath to a level that seems pleasurable to you. Add 5 drops of the orange essential oil. Enter the bath slowly, foot by foot, visualize the heat as the light of the sun spreading and clearing your body of all negative energy. Enter the bath further as each portion of yourself clears. Once in the bath, you may find yourself in a state to pray to whatever deities or spirits are appropriate for you.

For an added bonus, you can use your MIDSUMMER Sugar Scrub. Massage the scrub into your body and visualize the layer of dead skin the sugar scrubs off as the layer of the spiritual grime the world has put on you, being gently rubbed off with the scrub.

Keep an eye out for more Midsummer posts as the holiday approaches.

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