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5 Best Oils for Oil Diffuser Bracelets

One of the new trends in the jewelry market is aromatherapy bracelets. These bracelets utilize clay beads or lava rocks to hold essential oils that provide therapeutic benefits throughout the day. Here is a guide to some oils to use.
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Lavender essential oil is one of the most relaxing and calming oils available. Using this in a diffuser bracelet will keep one’s anxieties at bay for the whole day. It is especially beneficial besides calming stones like amethyst, or hematite to absorb negative energy.


As summer comes closer, this one can come in handy. Eucalyptus oil on an oil diffuser bracelet can act as a natural mosquito repellent without any of the nastiness in some commercial options. Plus, it looks cute and doesn’t make you smell weird. It’s also useful for clearing your nose if you have a cold or allergies without carrying VapoRub with you everywhere.

Lemon – energy

The bright smell of lemon essential oil is great for bringing up your energy. If you are finding yourself fatigued or hitting that 2pm lull really hard, lemon oil might be a good option for you in a diffusor bracelet, and it will leave you always smelling fresh.

Grapefruit – positive mood

If you suffer from low mood or are feeling “bleh” every day, an oil diffuser bracelet with grapefruit oil can help. When days are stressful or bringing you down, grapefruit is a natural mood booster. The sweet citrus smell is just nice to have around anyway!

Rosemary – focus

If you’re a student like me, this one will be great for you. Rosemary oil enhances mental focus so you can have a clear mind and get work done. And don’t worry, it won’t make you smell like roasted chicken.

If you want to try the benefits of an oil diffuser bracelet, you can check out the options I have here.

Cinnabar lava rock diffuser bracelet

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Buddha lava rock diffuser bracelet

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Cinnabar black and red, black jasper, lava rock wrap diffuser bracelet

Cinnabar wrap bracelet, red and black wrap bracelet, black and silver bracelet

And there’s more coming soon!


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