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Halcraft Pretty Palettes Reveal – April 2017

img_2592You can see in my past blog post here a list of what these beads are, but here is a picture reminder.

I absolutely loved these beads, and managed to utilize all of them in some way.

The first beads I wanted to use were these matte purple agate beads. I have to admit, I have an obsession with matte. Like, I’m a crazy person. I am ashamed to count the number of matte lipsticks I have. But I digress.


With these I wanted to join in on a trend that I’ve been watching but not really participating in: oil diffuser bracelets. I was inspired to right a post about them which you can read here.

I ended up absolutely in love with the bracelet I made. It is bright in time for spring and the finally improving weather (anyone else suffering in New England?), and I think the silver pairs so well with this unique white lava rock and the agate beads. It is on sale here.

img_2594I tackled this pile of mess next planning on making my first multi-bracelet set. I’m not happy with how everything turned out, but I tried a couple new methods, and I do think I learned some things from it. Like that I need to get better at using wire, and measuring things before I make them.

I usually steer away from the blue tags for the sake of my wallet but I just had to have these luminous chunks, and they paired so well with the lavender and earth tones in the other bracelets in the set.

This set will not be going on sale, however contact me with any interest in the whole set or any individual piece.

I followed this with another bracelet set, this time in a more comfortable realm for me, stretch bracelets. Most of my bracelets are stretch bracelets, which I prefer because they will fit anyone’s wrist, or can be easily resized, whereas I find picking a length for non-stretch difficult, and resizing frustrating.

Thus, for the first time I strung my paired beads separately, making mono-bead bracelets and pairing the whole bracelets instead of combining them all on one. They can be bought here.


This next bracelet was composed with green aventurine and copper-colored metal beads. I don’t have much to say about it; it’s one of my favorites, but it’s also nothing new for me. I love the vibes of green aventurine though, so happy and pleasant.

This can be bought here.



Unakite is an earthy stone that is perfect now as spring comes, as it is good for planting and for finding an animal guardian. I decided to let the natural variations of the stone shine on their own with small accents.

You can purchase here.



Finally, I paired these turquoise beads with natural white howlite. The blue and white pair so well together and both bring a calm vibe to an ocean-y bracelet. You can purchase here.

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  1. I love your bead and design choices, and aventurine is one of my favorites, too. 🙂 Thank you for playing along! I can’t wait to share next month’s Pretty Palette with everyone on Wednesday!

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