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Halcraft Pretty Palettes Reveal – May 2017

This month I wanted to try a style of bracelet I have made a couple times before and am really loving the look of recently: memory wire wrap bracelets. These bracelets mirror the look of many bracelets stacked, and are a fun way to combine a lot of different beads, colors, and charms into one bracelet. So, I only made one bracelet this month, and here it is.

You can get the bracelet here.

If you want to check out last month’s pretty palettes post you can find it here.

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Essential Oil Perfuming Basics Part 3

perfuming basics part 3 copy

Now that we’ve discussed scent families and how to mix scents, this post will be a brief overview of some popular essential oils so you can put together a scent of your own.


Orange is a citrus-y top note with solar properties that enhance mood and alleviate stress.


Vanilla can be used as a sweet base note. It is a soothing smell that can also improve mood and help you relax.


Frankincense is also a base note, with a heavy, spiced sweet scent. Frankincense can be used to clear the mind and aid in meditation and spiritual awareness.


Lavender is an herbal flower with a strong scent that can be used as a middle tone. As you may know, lavender is extremely helpful as a relaxing scent.


Cinnamon should be used in small amounts, and not at all if your skin is easily irritated. However, it is a powerful mood elevator and can be used as a middle or top note.


Lemon is a bright citrus top note. It is energizing, as well as promoting focus and happiness, making it a great all around scent for self-improvement purposes.


Peppermint is a fresh top note. This is a soothing smell, good for stress and anxiety. It is also a mental stimulant, and if you have frequent respiratory or nasal problems, it will help to keep your breathing clear.

For information on more oils, register for my class.

I will also be doing a program on essential oil perfuming at the Wolcott Public Library on June 8th. Contact the library to register.

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Giveaway Announcement

Hello all!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I recently released a subscription box! It’s so exciting, and I want to share this great new product with you guys. Every month, you get at least $30 of product, including new and unreleased products and one of a kind jewelry. You will fill out a survey before your first box and with each box afterward that will let me refine my knowledge of your tastes and make sure your box is the best for you.

In light of this new release, I’m running a giveaway of a year worth of the subscription box. Share this Facebook post, and tag your friends. One share and each friend tagged will each count as an entry. I hope you love it, and have fun sharing!

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Essential Oil Perfuming Basics Part Two

7 awesome properties of cinnamon copy

This post is going to help you mix your scents together. Remember to keep in mind the scent families we spoke about in last post; this post will focus on scent levels, and how much of each you should include. Part one of this mini-course can be found here.

Top Notes

Top notes are the first notes to evaporate, and therefore the first that will be smelled when you wear your perfume. This means that it will give the initial impression of your perfume, so keep first impressions in mind when you choose your top notes. These are generally the brighter notes of any particular scent family. This should make up 10-30% of your perfume.

Mid Tones

Mid tones will be the general theme of your perfume; this is the thing that your perfume will really “smell like”. Make sure that this note is something that you really love, because it will stick around. These are generally fuller notes with fairly strong smells. This should make up 30-60% of your perfume.

Base Tones

Base notes are, well, the base of your perfume. Both mid tones and top notes will be judged and smelled against the base notes. This is the note that will carry your perfume, and the scent that stays around for the longest after all others are gone. This is a good chance to cut any very strong or harsh scents with something sweeter or heavier. This should make up 15-30% of your perfume.

If you would like a more in depth discussion of scent levels, a guide to which oils are which, and how to mix them, please check out my essential oil perfuming course here. Purchase includes lifetime access to the course and all future updates.

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7 Awesome Properties of Cinnamon

7 awesome properties of cinnamon copy

Warming and Mood Lifting

Using cinnamon as an incense, in spells, or even in cooking has a warming affect that raises the spiritual mood of a space and the emotional mood of individuals. The “warming” aspect of cinnamon makes this method particularly useful in the winter months, when your mood is low due to low light and cold temperatures.

Stomach Healing

Cinnamon is soothing to the stomach, and will heal nausous, car sickness, and digestive issues, among other things.


This means a couple things. Cinnamon is helpful, because of this, for headaches. It also aids in treating arthritis pain. For these purposes it should be added to a regular diet. Cinnamon tea is also a good option when headaches flare up.

Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, and Anti-viral

Anti-, anti-, anti-, cinnamon is a great protectent against a bunch of things. Foods with cinnamon in them are less prone to spoiling. It will give your immune system a boost as well when you eat it. Besides that, it’ll help rid your chest of congestion when you do catch that cold.

Heart Health

Cinnamon oil helps lower cholesterol and clear unwanted blockages, and boost circulation.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Cinnamon is great if you are someone who craves a lot of sugar; it’ll help curb those cravings. Not only that, but it actually affects insulin release, aiding in keeping a stable blood sugar, particularly beneficial for those with Type 2 Diabetes.

Increases Sex Drive

That heat we talked about earlier? Well, it can come out in different ways. The warm energy of cinnamon acts as a natural libido booster. Chemically, it actually mimics the effects of Viagra!

Love cinnamon as much as I do? Get the MIDSUMMER sugar scrub here, featuring cinnamon right in the scrub!

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Weekly Tarot Reading – Week of May 15th

Today’s card is….

The Hermit in reverse!

The Hermit hold out his latern, shining his way as he walks and searches alone. This lonely search does amazing things for the Hermit; he learns and he grows.

In reverse, however, he has come to warn us. When the Hermit is reversed, it is time to watch out for self-isolation. Have you been isolating yourself in you spiritual and other pursuits? Have you failed to take time to connect to your loved ones?

This week it is important to watch out that we are not spending too much time alone in our own little worlds, and make time for social activities with those we care about.

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Essential Oil Perfuming Basics Part One

aromatherapy perfuming basics essential oil diy

Scent Families

Our first lesson is on scent families. There are multiple scent family guides, but in this basic series, I’m going to use the families I think are most clear for most people. For a more in depth guide, and perfuming categories, you can take my online course in aromatherapy essential oil perfuming. Purchase means access to the course as it is released, as well as access to any updates made in the future.

The families I will be using for this mini-course are:

  1. Herbal
  2. Floral
  3. Gourmand (Dessert-y)
  4. “Oriental”
  5. Woodsy

Herbal Scents

Herbal scents are those green scents that you associate with green plans, particularly leafy ones. These are also the green herbs that you are likely to use in western cooking. These include thyme, rosemary, and other leafy herbal oils.

Herbal scents pair well with floral and woodsy scents.

Floral Scents

Floral scents are exactly what they sound like; the scents of flowers. True florals are rose and jasmine, however, softer and and powdery scents are also considered floral scents.

Floral scents pair well with herbal, woodsy, and some oriental scents.

Gourmand Scents

Gourmand scents are basically scents that smell like desserts. These scents are more common in fragrance oils rather than essential oils, but a big name for this is vanilla.

Gourmand scents pair well with oriental scents.

“Oriental” Scents

These are the scents of “eastern” spices; clove, anise, and others. This are generally warm and deep spiced scents.

Oriental scents pair well with some floral, herbal, and woodsy scents.

Woodsy Scents

This scents are those scents you might smell in the forest. It includes fir, pine, amber, and oakmoss, among other earthy scents.

Woodsy scents can be paired with most other scent families.

Check back into the blog for information on base, mid, and top notes, another important factor in perfume mixing! And remember to check out the perfumes in my shop.

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Weekly Tarot Reading – Week of May 8th

Today’s Card is….


The Star!

The star is symbolic of all things hopeful. Don’t lose faith! Hold on to that thing you are so close to letting go off, so close to giving up on. You will soon find a breakthrough. The star follows the tower, a hot, firey rebirth. Disaster or endings in your life may have left you feeling hopeless or heartbroken, but they have only come so this new time can be born.

Check in weekly for your weekly tarot reading. Join our mailing list to never miss out.

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5 Uses for Roses You Didn’t Know

a-rose-2170344_960_720We all know roses are associated with love, but did you know the many other uses? Roses are a great beauty and health product, and here we list some of the ways you can otherwise use them.

Healing Chapped Skin

Rosebuds in a salve have an excellent healing property. This makes them great for dry and broken chapped skin. This includes dry lips, chapped hands, ashy elbows, and other dryness problems all over the body. It also protects against and aides in healing chafing.

I want your opinion! Do you want me to expand and include healing salves among my products? Comment below to let me know!

Skin Anti-aging and Other Beauty Benefits

Roses provide a plethora of beauty benefits it’s impossible to list. Drinking the tea will certainly benefit your skin, but when put in a facial steamer, it helps even more. It can regulate the pH of your skin, unclog pores, and removed dark spots and aging effects.

If you want to learn how to do a facial steamer, download our free PDF!

Bringing Good Luck

640px-Dried_Roses_(4260289056)Magickally, roses are associated to love and beauty. But did you know that they were also associated with luck? Rose petals or buds can be put in satchels or teas to encourage luck, particularly in love, but in all areas of life, and can enhance luck spells alongside more specifically intentioned herbs.

This benefit is increased when paired with other lucky herbs and oils, like orange and gardenia in our LUCKY soy essential oil candle.

Warding the Evil Eye

Roses aren’t necessarily what you think of as a protective herb, but they can be used in warding against evil intentions. Place rose petals in protection satchels and charms to enhance their protective properties, particularly against the Evil Eye.

Welcoming Friendly Spirits

If you have interest in spirit work, roses can be helpful as well. An atypical use, rose petals can be added to spirit communication spells to encourage friendly, positive spirits to communicate with the caster.

Do you use roses in your beauty and health routine, or your craft? Let me know how you use them by commenting below!