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5 Uses for Roses You Didn’t Know

a-rose-2170344_960_720We all know roses are associated with love, but did you know the many other uses? Roses are a great beauty and health product, and here we list some of the ways you can otherwise use them.

Healing Chapped Skin

Rosebuds in a salve have an excellent healing property. This makes them great for dry and broken chapped skin. This includes dry lips, chapped hands, ashy elbows, and other dryness problems all over the body. It also protects against and aides in healing chafing.

I want your opinion! Do you want me to expand and include healing salves among my products? Comment below to let me know!

Skin Anti-aging and Other Beauty Benefits

Roses provide a plethora of beauty benefits it’s impossible to list. Drinking the tea will certainly benefit your skin, but when put in a facial steamer, it helps even more. It can regulate the pH of your skin, unclog pores, and removed dark spots and aging effects.

If you want to learn how to do a facial steamer, download our free PDF!

Bringing Good Luck

640px-Dried_Roses_(4260289056)Magickally, roses are associated to love and beauty. But did you know that they were also associated with luck? Rose petals or buds can be put in satchels or teas to encourage luck, particularly in love, but in all areas of life, and can enhance luck spells alongside more specifically intentioned herbs.

This benefit is increased when paired with other lucky herbs and oils, like orange and gardenia in our LUCKY soy essential oil candle.

Warding the Evil Eye

Roses aren’t necessarily what you think of as a protective herb, but they can be used in warding against evil intentions. Place rose petals in protection satchels and charms to enhance their protective properties, particularly against the Evil Eye.

Welcoming Friendly Spirits

If you have interest in spirit work, roses can be helpful as well. An atypical use, rose petals can be added to spirit communication spells to encourage friendly, positive spirits to communicate with the caster.

Do you use roses in your beauty and health routine, or your craft? Let me know how you use them by commenting below!

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