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7 Awesome Properties of Cinnamon

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Warming and Mood Lifting

Using cinnamon as an incense, in spells, or even in cooking has a warming affect that raises the spiritual mood of a space and the emotional mood of individuals. The “warming” aspect of cinnamon makes this method particularly useful in the winter months, when your mood is low due to low light and cold temperatures.

Stomach Healing

Cinnamon is soothing to the stomach, and will heal nausous, car sickness, and digestive issues, among other things.


This means a couple things. Cinnamon is helpful, because of this, for headaches. It also aids in treating arthritis pain. For these purposes it should be added to a regular diet. Cinnamon tea is also a good option when headaches flare up.

Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, and Anti-viral

Anti-, anti-, anti-, cinnamon is a great protectent against a bunch of things. Foods with cinnamon in them are less prone to spoiling. It will give your immune system a boost as well when you eat it. Besides that, it’ll help rid your chest of congestion when you do catch that cold.

Heart Health

Cinnamon oil helps lower cholesterol and clear unwanted blockages, and boost circulation.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Cinnamon is great if you are someone who craves a lot of sugar; it’ll help curb those cravings. Not only that, but it actually affects insulin release, aiding in keeping a stable blood sugar, particularly beneficial for those with Type 2 Diabetes.

Increases Sex Drive

That heat we talked about earlier? Well, it can come out in different ways. The warm energy of cinnamon acts as a natural libido booster. Chemically, it actually mimics the effects of Viagra!

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