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Essential Oil Perfuming Basics Part 3

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Now that we’ve discussed scent families and how to mix scents, this post will be a brief overview of some popular essential oils so you can put together a scent of your own.


Orange is a citrus-y top note with solar properties that enhance mood and alleviate stress.


Vanilla can be used as a sweet base note. It is a soothing smell that can also improve mood and help you relax.


Frankincense is also a base note, with a heavy, spiced sweet scent. Frankincense can be used to clear the mind and aid in meditation and spiritual awareness.


Lavender is an herbal flower with a strong scent that can be used as a middle tone. As you may know, lavender is extremely helpful as a relaxing scent.


Cinnamon should be used in small amounts, and not at all if your skin is easily irritated. However, it is a powerful mood elevator and can be used as a middle or top note.


Lemon is a bright citrus top note. It is energizing, as well as promoting focus and happiness, making it a great all around scent for self-improvement purposes.


Peppermint is a fresh top note. This is a soothing smell, good for stress and anxiety. It is also a mental stimulant, and if you have frequent respiratory or nasal problems, it will help to keep your breathing clear.

For information on more oils, register for my class.

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