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June Birthstones


One of the most well known of the June birthstones is pearls. Who doesn’t love pearls? They are simple, classic, and elegant. They are also available in an amazing range of colors beyond the basic white pearls.

Pearls have healing properties just like many crystals. Pearl can be used for eye and skin conditions. It is a great beauty enhancer.

If you are looking for pearls for someone with a June birthday, you can find this fancy jasper and freshwater pearl bracelet on my website.


Alexandrite is the second traditional birthstone for June. It is a beautiful stone that shifts in color between greens and reds. It’s properties include purifying, renewing, and emotional support.


Moonstone is a less conventional stone for June, if you are looking for something a little more original. Moonstone shines brightly in the light and comes in a variety of colors like rainbow, peach, and grey for a few. Moonstone is a stone of self support, good for inner strength. Peach moonstone is also a good stone for the heart chakra.

You can get specimens of peach moonstone from me here. Keep an eye out for wire wrapped moonstone, or contact me to reserve one of the pieces I am working on.


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