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Midsummer Tarot Reading

Hey all! I know we haven’t been doing weekly tarots, but this week I wanted to do it with a special twist; this will be using the spread for my MIDSUMMER tarot readings. The reading is focused on the holiday of Midsummer, as the sun and energy peaks and we prepare for the coming harvests.

This reading focuses on personal power and growth.

When I drew this reading the first thing I noticed was how heavy it was on Major Arcana. I guess the Midsummer season is going to be important to me this year; I should pay a lot of attention to this reading, and to the messages that come with the Midsummer holiday.

I. Self – The Lovers in Reverse

This is the center card. It symbolizes me as we approach the Midsummer holiday, the peak of energy, and the last stretch of work before the harvest. The Lovers normally symbolize, well, love, as well as balance, especially of masculine and feminine energies. We see to the forbidden fruit and the serpent, reminding us of the temptation and choices of life.

The Lovers in reverse represents forces coming in imbalance, and the danger of our temptations. This likely symbolizes for me a need for stronger balance, in my relationships and in my life.

II. Power – The Hierophant

This is the personal power and strength that is growing in you, rising as the sun grows in strength, and ready to aid you to the harvests that come. The Hierophant is a religious symbol, as well as a symbol of any group one strongly associates with, and all traditions and beliefs. He is a very straight-forward message to me at this point; look to religion and my communities for strength, let my beliefs, all of them, keep me strong.

III. Revelation – The Emperor

This is the shift of mind that we must undergo as we shift from the season of growth to the season of decline. The Emperor is a masculine figure, bringing traditional masculine traits of firmness and authority to mind. This suggests, perhaps, that I must make a mental shift toward stability and structure. This is a serious shift for me, especially in my currently unstructured position with no schedule, no day job, and currently on the way to moving. This unstructured situation is stressful for me; self-imposed structure may be a mindset I need to switch to.

IV. Release – The Six of Swords in Reverse

This symbolizes the things that we need to let go of or prune away. These are the things we cannot carry with us to the harvest; they are either hurting our growth, or are things that we are trying to grow that we cannot grow right now.

This is what I want to call a bit of an “hello, idiot” card. Sometimes the answers the deck give are so simple and obvious you feel a bit like you’re being called out. Six of Swords in reverse deals with baggage and not moving on. Meaning, I need to let go of baggage and…move on. While seeming very straightforward to the point of maybe not being helpful, it is an important message to remember, that to grow I need to let go of certain issues and insecurities that may have (ie. have) risen again. Otherwise, it can choke out growth.

This is my first swords card, but not my last, indicating to me that issues of ambition and action are important to me in the coming days.

V. Strength – The Empress

This card symbolizes the area you have been successful in during this season. It is a reminder of how you can enact the personal power mentioned, embrace your revelation, release what you need to, nurture what you should, and ultimately grow.

The Empress is a feminine symbol, pair to the Emperor card. It deals with nurturing and motherhood. In this case, it is likely telling my to focus on my strength of nurturing others, my own personal ability to be a positive emotional presence. This seems, at first glance, unrelated to some of my other cards, but as we aid others and help them grow, and move, we see ourselves how we might and enact that positive energy in our own lives.

VI. Nurture – The Ace of Swords in Reverse

This is what you ought to nurture and focus on as the harvest season comes. This will be the thing that you can greatly grow from Midsummer to the first harvest if you give it attention.

The Ace of Swords normally symbolizes victory, triumph, and the focus of energy. In reverse, it represents a lack of clarity and chaos. This is the second time in my reading that focus has been an issue for me, but as the nurture category is a symbol of what you can nurture and grow, it shows hope. The deck, here, tells me that I need to take the time to clarify goals and work through the chaos, but also tells me that is something I can do.

VII. Growth – The Seven of Swords in Reverse

This is the area that you, on the path you are currently on, should grow the most in as the solar energy increases. This is the thing that is already growing, improving, flourishing, and will continue to do so.

This is one of those cards you want to see in reverse. It represents the desire to change, to turn the next page, turn over a new leaf, to grow and take charge of the differences you want to see in your life. As the rest of my reading tells me to adjust my life, to make life changes to the chaos and to my focus, this card tells me that I am already making changes, that I have the desire it takes to grow.

And that’s all!

I hope you enjoyed going through this reading with me. I certainly found it helpful. If you are interested in a reading yourself, you can check it out here.

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