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Midsummer Candle Spell

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Use our LUCKY candle with rose petals, orange, and gardenia, or use either a green candle to focus on luck and abundance or a pink candle to focus on love. If you use your own candle, anoint it from the tips to the center with orange oil.

After this, light the candle.

Stare into the light of the candle. Breathe into the scent and let it fill your lungs. Imagine the fire filling you and spilling out light from inside your heart.

When you can feel and visualize this light, say this, in your head or out loud:

Sun shine bright

In candle light

Transform this flame

Into luck (or love) the same.

Continue to say this as you visualize what you desire in the flame. Do this for as long as you can feel the energy burning, or until the candle runs out.

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