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Crystal Spotlight: Ruby

Now this isn’t your typical healing crystal, because we all know rubies are instead a gem mainly used for jewelry and pretty things. However, the July birthstone ruby and other associated stones have many interesting healing properties.


Ruby is a stone that protects the home, including possessions and family members. It is also a stone useful in dream work and divination, particularly divination for decisions and goal setting. It enhances positivity, passion, and inner strength.


Ruby in Zoisite

Ruby inclusions in zoisite provide the synergistic energy of these stones together, different from the energy of either of these stones on their own. Ruby in zoisite is a stone of amplification, amplifying personal energy and spellwork. It is good for raising psychic awareness and power.

Ruby in Fuschite

Ruby in fuschite is particularly powerful for psychic work, balancing and enhancing intuition. It helps bring awareness to problems in all aspects of life, and can be used in working to balance those problems. These are the keywords of this stone: balance and awareness. Any place that you could use either, this stone is useful.


Sapphire and Ruby have the same chemical composition and structure. The inclusion of high levels of chronium is what makes a ruby red. Sapphires are their fraternal twin, with properties all their own. Sapphire is a stone to enhance intuition and creativity. It is a great stone for artists of any kind, with it’s powerful ability to enhance creative expression. It is also useful for general protection against evil, as well as protection particularly during psychic work.

These many forms of the July birthstone are each unique with their own properties, and I always encourage experimenting with different stones and their uses! We carry this bracelet, composed of ruby-colored jade, including the color therapy properties that aid the root chakra, and ruby in zoisite jade, complimenting the grounding of ruby jade with amplification of personal power and energy.

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