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Astrology Series: Sun Signs

Today we begin our astrology series, dedicated to bringing you a greater understanding of astrology and what it means for you.

Your birth chart is the chart of the heavens when you were born. This is determined by the date, time, and location of your birth. To find a birth chart, click here and follow the instructions on the page.

There are a number of factors in your birth chart, but in this series we are going to cover your planeteray signs and what they mean. You can, through this, gain a greater understanding, though only a professional can do a full reading of your houses, planets, signs, and aspects.

What is a sun sign?

Your sun sign is, as you guess, the sign in which your sun stands when you are born. This is the sign you are most familair with; when people talk about their zodiac signs, they are generally referring to sun signs.

This sign determines a number of things. These are essential aspects of yourself. Your sun sign reveals your deep, inner personality, your true drives, instincts, and core traits. These are the core traits that are then further affected by other signs, changing how they manifest and appear to the world.

If you have ever felt disconnected from your “sign”, it is likely because of how it is affected by the other signs. Keep reading our future posts, and hopefully you will begin to understand why your sign manifests the way it does. Your moon sign and rising sign, the next two posts we will do, are the two other greatest factors in what you generally recognize as your personality.

Now, we will move onto basic descriptions of what your sun sign means.


Aries is an action sign, full of energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes, this can manifest in an impulsive nature, or in aggression. This is just part of the massive energy driving the Aries personality. This energy is focused, resulting in full commitment to all things an Aries dedicates themselves to, including deep loyalty in relationships, stubbornness on opinions, and dedication to goals.


Taurus signs have an inward groundedness. They are steady and reliable. They make choices reasonably, are calm in crisis, and are steadfast in partnerships. They are also the sign of luxury; Taurus individuals really appreciate the finer things in life. They are not materialistic, just appreciative, and they are willing to work for their indulgences.


Gemini individuals manifest the duality of everyone’s nature. This makes them changeable. Sometimes, people see this as two-facedness, but the multiple faces of a Gemini are all genuine faces of the Gemini; they simply adapt rapidly to situations. They have a desire for knowledge, and to communicate that knowledge, and have skills in speech and writing.


Cancers can be emotional, but will often hide this. They are particularly sensitive and emotional in relationships. They like to work through their problems themselves. The need alone time, but can be both socialable and ambitious. They are frugal, yet generous, and family and security in their family is very important to them.


Leos have big personalities; they are self-confident, self-assured, and can sometimes come off as egotistical. They are dominant and make for natural leaders; generally, a group will develop a sense of loyalty to them. They are themselves fiercely loyal, and will completely cut off anyone who betrays their loyalty. When they are able to reign in their cocky and controlling nature they are greatly accomplished.


Virgos are perfectionists; they will never be satisfied with themselves and always work towards self-betterment. It is important that they maintain their perfectionism as motivation rather than letting it become self-defeating. Because they expect greatness, they are very selective about who they let be close to them. Though they may be critical of you, they are also generally generous and giving to those they let in.


Libras are, as their symbol of the scale suggests, always balancing. They will tend to play the middleman and try to keep everyone happy. They want everything to be at peace in their lives and will give up too much of themselves in an effort to make this happen. They are a great friend and partner because they attempt to see everything from the other person’s point of view. However, their need for balance can make them indecisive, as they worry over the consequences of their decisions.


Scorpios are intense and in control. In the worst cases, this can make them manipulative. They are generally self-protective, and will take a long time to open up; they will lash out violently at anyone they let in who proceeds to hurt them. They are passionately connected to their friends and family, however, as well as strongly ambitious. Their analytical skills are helpful in a number of situations, particularly in giving advice and in work situations.


Saggitarius is always moving forward; they are positive and adventurous. They are highly independent and will sometimes forget about the relationships that are important to them in pursuit of individual goals. Freedom is the most important thing to them. That said, they are very organized, so long as they are the one doing the organizing. The find success through determination and hard work.


Capricorns are practical and methodological. They decide carefully how to behave in every situation particularly social situations in which they tend to feel judged. Once they have decided how to act they can be very stubborn about changing. They prefer to keep to themselves. They are creative but tend to avoid the arts; they apply their creativity in more practical spaces.


Aquarius is the free spirit of the zodiac. They are independent and can be guilty of keeping their head too far in the clouds. Despite their need for independence, they are highly social, and tend to be a charmer. Their eccentric attitude makes them interesting to other people, and they always have something to say.


Pisces are a sign of deep compassion and emotion. They love fully and completely every person in their lives and are deeply generous. They are also deeply spiritual and often see the interconnectedness of everyone and everything. They can feel unsatisfied with results fairly easily and tend to jump from project to project because of their disappointment.

Remember that sun signs are core and, in their positive senses, our ideal selves. They are not necessarily who you seem to be or how you act most often. Next we will cover moon signs, which are relevant to the emotional sides of our personalities.

Astroloy 101: The Sun Signs

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