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Easing Depression With Essential Oils II

Welcome to part two on our series on essential oils that aid with the symptoms of depression. This section will go over the emblematic symptom: depressed mood. These oils will help to boost your ability to be positive and may lift your mood enough that you can find some helpful optimism, or at least feel better than you would have otherwise.

Grapefruit Oil

I suggest this oil more than any other for lifting mood. Grapefruit oil puts you in a more positive space to combat negative or sad thoughts that prolong your depressive episodes. It also aids in stress relief, combating something that can worsen your low mood. Using this in a soothing bath or swiping some (diluted) oil on to wear throughout the day can help give your mood the boost you need to keep going.

Orange Oil

As you may notice, this is the third citrus oil I have suggested in this series (including lemon from the last part). That’s because these oils are simply some of the best for dealing with depression symptoms, and cover multiple symptoms besides those under which I’m including them. Orange oil is reported to have uplifting affects, brightening your mood for the day when used in your morning shower or oil diffusion.

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is an amazing floral essential oil with great benefits. This is one of my favorite florals; potent but not overwhelming. Jasmine oil has shown in studies that its uses in aromatherapy for lifting mood and easing depression have real founding. The brain is stimulated and mood improved.

Let us know if you try any of these and your results! Feel free to comment any questions. We will be back with more oils for different symptoms soon!

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