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Astrology Series: Moon Signs

Welcome to part two of our series on astrology! Today we are talking about the second of the three core personality planets that everyone has: the moon! It represents our emotions; how we respond emotionally and how we deal with and express those emotions. As you know, emotions and how we handle them are a huge part of who we are so this sign might help you understand your chart better. If you missed the first post on sun signs you can find it here.


The most natural and consistent emotion of the Aries is impatience. They want thing right now. Their emotions are strong and passionate; particularly feelings of anger and love will come across very strong and in bursts of energy. They can be confrontational because they tend toward defensiveness, and they generally express their feelings outward.


Taurus in moons are most comfortable with what they know and are familiar with. They tend to be a fairly steady, calm presence emotionally but will become unsteady and nervous when put in unfamiliar situations. They are strong-willed and have high perseverance. They are fairly instinctual when it comes to decisions, relying more on their feelings about things than others do.


Lunar Gemini’s are the epitome of the wit and charming nature in the Gemini sign. They are curious and involved in everything. They can have a nervous energy and some high levels of anxiety, sometimes related to their commitment levels. They like to organize things, be in charge, and make the decisions when it comes to situations and plans. When faced with difficulties, they like to talk things out, and will often work something out simply using another person as a sounding board rather than looking for actual input.


Cancer in moon is very in touch with emotions – their own and others. Sometimes this tends to make them emotional, or so empathetic that they experience others struggles as their own. It can be a difficult sign as they either become absorbed in their own or other’s emotional lives at any given point and therefore do a lot of emotional labor. This makes them a great friend or confidant, however.


With a moon in Leo, an individual needs a lot of personal love and attention to maintain their emotional well-being. They can become dramatic and make a show of any negative emotions or events in their life, however, they are positive and sociable most of the time. They are also a very passionate sign.


Security is the key to happiness for Virgo moons; when things change around them a lot, Virgo moons become emotionally unsteady and full of anxiety. They are emotionally satisfied by simple actions of care for themselves and others, including things like cooking meals, running errands, etc. They can tend toward low self-esteem and complaining but are genuinely good-willed people.


Libra in moons have a solid handle on their emotions, but they are more emotionally satisfied when in partnership and prefer to work through difficult times with one particular person that they love and trust. They need a soundboard to work through their emotions, and will entrust this duty to one special person, whether a partner, friend, or family member.


If your moon is in Scorpio you are likely a very intense person. There are no subtle emotions for this sign; everything is strongly felt. They need change and excitement and may be prone to creating or engaging drama to get this excitement. However, when well channeled, this emotional energy makes for passionate relationships and great ambition.


Freedom is important to a Saggitarius in moon. When they have this freedom, they are a generally happy and carefree sign. When they don’t have it, they become anxious, depressed, and restless. They can be scatterbrained but are positive and well-intentioned. They are optimistic and believe that things will generally work out for the best.


Capricorn in moon needs to feel like they are doing something or moving somewhere to be happy. Action and productivity maintain this sign’s emotional health. They will always appear calm and collected regardless of the reality of their feelings. They prefer to stick to the safe choices and plan ahead carefully.


A moon in Aquarius makes for someone who is attentive to the nature of other people. They tend to know what type of person someone is after meeting them for a short amount of time, and can predict how people will act in certain situations. Despite this, this sign doesn’t make for a people person. They can be stubborn because of their independence.


The psychic tendencies of the Pisces sign are enhanced by the moon position, and these signs may show signs of psychic ability. They are deeply compassionate and hopeless romantics. They can get overinvolved in other people’s problems, but at the same time are prone to becoming disengaged and lost in a fantasy world.

Moon signs are often something we identify with more than our sun signs, because they are the true description of our emotional and internal life. Combining these with our sun signs make many more unique combinations and allow us to understand ourselves and how our sun personality manifests better.

I hope that these descriptions may help you understand your natal chart better and how you relate not only to your moon but also to your sun. Next we will deal with ascendant signs, the final component of the major personality traits and the last of the three most important signs in self-understanding.

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