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Astrology Series: Moon Signs

Welcome to part two of our series on astrology! Today we are talking about the second of the three core personality planets that everyone has: the moon! It represents our emotions; how we respond emotionally and how we deal with and express those emotions. As you know, emotions and how we handle them are a huge part of who we are so this sign might help you understand your chart better. If you missed the first post on sun signs you can find it here.


The most natural and consistent emotion of the Aries is impatience. They want thing right now. Their emotions are strong and passionate; particularly feelings of anger and love will come across very strong and in bursts of energy. They can be confrontational because they tend toward defensiveness, and they generally express their feelings outward.


Taurus in moons are most comfortable with what they know and are familiar with. They tend to be a fairly steady, calm presence emotionally but will become unsteady and nervous when put in unfamiliar situations. They are strong-willed and have high perseverance. They are fairly instinctual when it comes to decisions, relying more on their feelings about things than others do.


Lunar Gemini’s are the epitome of the wit and charming nature in the Gemini sign. They are curious and involved in everything. They can have a nervous energy and some high levels of anxiety, sometimes related to their commitment levels. They like to organize things, be in charge, and make the decisions when it comes to situations and plans. When faced with difficulties, they like to talk things out, and will often work something out simply using another person as a sounding board rather than looking for actual input.


Cancer in moon is very in touch with emotions – their own and others. Sometimes this tends to make them emotional, or so empathetic that they experience others struggles as their own. It can be a difficult sign as they either become absorbed in their own or other’s emotional lives at any given point and therefore do a lot of emotional labor. This makes them a great friend or confidant, however.


With a moon in Leo, an individual needs a lot of personal love and attention to maintain their emotional well-being. They can become dramatic and make a show of any negative emotions or events in their life, however, they are positive and sociable most of the time. They are also a very passionate sign.


Security is the key to happiness for Virgo moons; when things change around them a lot, Virgo moons become emotionally unsteady and full of anxiety. They are emotionally satisfied by simple actions of care for themselves and others, including things like cooking meals, running errands, etc. They can tend toward low self-esteem and complaining but are genuinely good-willed people.


Libra in moons have a solid handle on their emotions, but they are more emotionally satisfied when in partnership and prefer to work through difficult times with one particular person that they love and trust. They need a soundboard to work through their emotions, and will entrust this duty to one special person, whether a partner, friend, or family member.


If your moon is in Scorpio you are likely a very intense person. There are no subtle emotions for this sign; everything is strongly felt. They need change and excitement and may be prone to creating or engaging drama to get this excitement. However, when well channeled, this emotional energy makes for passionate relationships and great ambition.


Freedom is important to a Saggitarius in moon. When they have this freedom, they are a generally happy and carefree sign. When they don’t have it, they become anxious, depressed, and restless. They can be scatterbrained but are positive and well-intentioned. They are optimistic and believe that things will generally work out for the best.


Capricorn in moon needs to feel like they are doing something or moving somewhere to be happy. Action and productivity maintain this sign’s emotional health. They will always appear calm and collected regardless of the reality of their feelings. They prefer to stick to the safe choices and plan ahead carefully.


A moon in Aquarius makes for someone who is attentive to the nature of other people. They tend to know what type of person someone is after meeting them for a short amount of time, and can predict how people will act in certain situations. Despite this, this sign doesn’t make for a people person. They can be stubborn because of their independence.


The psychic tendencies of the Pisces sign are enhanced by the moon position, and these signs may show signs of psychic ability. They are deeply compassionate and hopeless romantics. They can get overinvolved in other people’s problems, but at the same time are prone to becoming disengaged and lost in a fantasy world.

Moon signs are often something we identify with more than our sun signs, because they are the true description of our emotional and internal life. Combining these with our sun signs make many more unique combinations and allow us to understand ourselves and how our sun personality manifests better.

I hope that these descriptions may help you understand your natal chart better and how you relate not only to your moon but also to your sun. Next we will deal with ascendant signs, the final component of the major personality traits and the last of the three most important signs in self-understanding.

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Easing Depression With Essential Oils II

Welcome to part two on our series on essential oils that aid with the symptoms of depression. This section will go over the emblematic symptom: depressed mood. These oils will help to boost your ability to be positive and may lift your mood enough that you can find some helpful optimism, or at least feel better than you would have otherwise.

Grapefruit Oil

I suggest this oil more than any other for lifting mood. Grapefruit oil puts you in a more positive space to combat negative or sad thoughts that prolong your depressive episodes. It also aids in stress relief, combating something that can worsen your low mood. Using this in a soothing bath or swiping some (diluted) oil on to wear throughout the day can help give your mood the boost you need to keep going.

Orange Oil

As you may notice, this is the third citrus oil I have suggested in this series (including lemon from the last part). That’s because these oils are simply some of the best for dealing with depression symptoms, and cover multiple symptoms besides those under which I’m including them. Orange oil is reported to have uplifting affects, brightening your mood for the day when used in your morning shower or oil diffusion.

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is an amazing floral essential oil with great benefits. This is one of my favorite florals; potent but not overwhelming. Jasmine oil has shown in studies that its uses in aromatherapy for lifting mood and easing depression have real founding. The brain is stimulated and mood improved.

Let us know if you try any of these and your results! Feel free to comment any questions. We will be back with more oils for different symptoms soon!

Copy of Easing Depression With Essential Oils

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Astrology Series: Sun Signs

Today we begin our astrology series, dedicated to bringing you a greater understanding of astrology and what it means for you.

Your birth chart is the chart of the heavens when you were born. This is determined by the date, time, and location of your birth. To find a birth chart, click here and follow the instructions on the page.

There are a number of factors in your birth chart, but in this series we are going to cover your planeteray signs and what they mean. You can, through this, gain a greater understanding, though only a professional can do a full reading of your houses, planets, signs, and aspects.

What is a sun sign?

Your sun sign is, as you guess, the sign in which your sun stands when you are born. This is the sign you are most familair with; when people talk about their zodiac signs, they are generally referring to sun signs.

This sign determines a number of things. These are essential aspects of yourself. Your sun sign reveals your deep, inner personality, your true drives, instincts, and core traits. These are the core traits that are then further affected by other signs, changing how they manifest and appear to the world.

If you have ever felt disconnected from your “sign”, it is likely because of how it is affected by the other signs. Keep reading our future posts, and hopefully you will begin to understand why your sign manifests the way it does. Your moon sign and rising sign, the next two posts we will do, are the two other greatest factors in what you generally recognize as your personality.

Now, we will move onto basic descriptions of what your sun sign means.


Aries is an action sign, full of energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes, this can manifest in an impulsive nature, or in aggression. This is just part of the massive energy driving the Aries personality. This energy is focused, resulting in full commitment to all things an Aries dedicates themselves to, including deep loyalty in relationships, stubbornness on opinions, and dedication to goals.


Taurus signs have an inward groundedness. They are steady and reliable. They make choices reasonably, are calm in crisis, and are steadfast in partnerships. They are also the sign of luxury; Taurus individuals really appreciate the finer things in life. They are not materialistic, just appreciative, and they are willing to work for their indulgences.


Gemini individuals manifest the duality of everyone’s nature. This makes them changeable. Sometimes, people see this as two-facedness, but the multiple faces of a Gemini are all genuine faces of the Gemini; they simply adapt rapidly to situations. They have a desire for knowledge, and to communicate that knowledge, and have skills in speech and writing.


Cancers can be emotional, but will often hide this. They are particularly sensitive and emotional in relationships. They like to work through their problems themselves. The need alone time, but can be both socialable and ambitious. They are frugal, yet generous, and family and security in their family is very important to them.


Leos have big personalities; they are self-confident, self-assured, and can sometimes come off as egotistical. They are dominant and make for natural leaders; generally, a group will develop a sense of loyalty to them. They are themselves fiercely loyal, and will completely cut off anyone who betrays their loyalty. When they are able to reign in their cocky and controlling nature they are greatly accomplished.


Virgos are perfectionists; they will never be satisfied with themselves and always work towards self-betterment. It is important that they maintain their perfectionism as motivation rather than letting it become self-defeating. Because they expect greatness, they are very selective about who they let be close to them. Though they may be critical of you, they are also generally generous and giving to those they let in.


Libras are, as their symbol of the scale suggests, always balancing. They will tend to play the middleman and try to keep everyone happy. They want everything to be at peace in their lives and will give up too much of themselves in an effort to make this happen. They are a great friend and partner because they attempt to see everything from the other person’s point of view. However, their need for balance can make them indecisive, as they worry over the consequences of their decisions.


Scorpios are intense and in control. In the worst cases, this can make them manipulative. They are generally self-protective, and will take a long time to open up; they will lash out violently at anyone they let in who proceeds to hurt them. They are passionately connected to their friends and family, however, as well as strongly ambitious. Their analytical skills are helpful in a number of situations, particularly in giving advice and in work situations.


Saggitarius is always moving forward; they are positive and adventurous. They are highly independent and will sometimes forget about the relationships that are important to them in pursuit of individual goals. Freedom is the most important thing to them. That said, they are very organized, so long as they are the one doing the organizing. The find success through determination and hard work.


Capricorns are practical and methodological. They decide carefully how to behave in every situation particularly social situations in which they tend to feel judged. Once they have decided how to act they can be very stubborn about changing. They prefer to keep to themselves. They are creative but tend to avoid the arts; they apply their creativity in more practical spaces.


Aquarius is the free spirit of the zodiac. They are independent and can be guilty of keeping their head too far in the clouds. Despite their need for independence, they are highly social, and tend to be a charmer. Their eccentric attitude makes them interesting to other people, and they always have something to say.


Pisces are a sign of deep compassion and emotion. They love fully and completely every person in their lives and are deeply generous. They are also deeply spiritual and often see the interconnectedness of everyone and everything. They can feel unsatisfied with results fairly easily and tend to jump from project to project because of their disappointment.

Remember that sun signs are core and, in their positive senses, our ideal selves. They are not necessarily who you seem to be or how you act most often. Next we will cover moon signs, which are relevant to the emotional sides of our personalities.

Astroloy 101: The Sun Signs

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Easing Depression With Essential Oils I

This is the first part of a series on essential oils to aid in easing the multiple symptoms of depression. In this part, we are going to discuss essential oils that help with one of the more debilitating physical symptoms of depression: fatigue and lack of energy. Many actions that help with depression such as getting out of bed, taking a shower, and eating, require energy that depressed people just don’t have. These oils might give the boost you need to further pull yourself out of depression and to go on with your day.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has an amazing, bright smell that always reminds me of Christmas and peppermint candy. This is enough to life your mood! But peppermint oil also has another benefit when it comes to easing depression. When applied to the shoulders and neck (always dilute first!) it lifts your energy throughout the day, as well as improving concentration. We all know it can be hard to focus with the lethargy and low energy levels of depression and peppermint oil is a great help.

Lemon Oil

All citrus oils with their bright smells are helpful for energy lifting, but lemon oil particularly specializes in this area. It has a bright solar energy that can keep you awake and aware. Not only will it bring you energy, but lemon oil has calming, balancing effects, so this will be a good, positive, and clear energy rather than that frazzled coffee buzz!

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil, oh rosemary oil. It has a great herbal scent. If you’re like me, it’ll remind you of roasted chicken (not a bad thing!) Rosemary oil is specifically good not just for energy in general but for lifting you out of fatigue, that particular low energy, dragging sensation that depression can give you. This includes bodily fatigue and joint pain. Rub a diluted formula of rosemary on joints or fatigued muscles to pull in new energy.

I hope that these oils help you fight some of your symptoms. Feel free to comment with any questions, and stay tuned for the rest of this series on fighting other symptoms!

Easing Depression With Essential Oils

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Crystal Spotlight: Ruby

Now this isn’t your typical healing crystal, because we all know rubies are instead a gem mainly used for jewelry and pretty things. However, the July birthstone ruby and other associated stones have many interesting healing properties.


Ruby is a stone that protects the home, including possessions and family members. It is also a stone useful in dream work and divination, particularly divination for decisions and goal setting. It enhances positivity, passion, and inner strength.


Ruby in Zoisite

Ruby inclusions in zoisite provide the synergistic energy of these stones together, different from the energy of either of these stones on their own. Ruby in zoisite is a stone of amplification, amplifying personal energy and spellwork. It is good for raising psychic awareness and power.

Ruby in Fuschite

Ruby in fuschite is particularly powerful for psychic work, balancing and enhancing intuition. It helps bring awareness to problems in all aspects of life, and can be used in working to balance those problems. These are the keywords of this stone: balance and awareness. Any place that you could use either, this stone is useful.


Sapphire and Ruby have the same chemical composition and structure. The inclusion of high levels of chronium is what makes a ruby red. Sapphires are their fraternal twin, with properties all their own. Sapphire is a stone to enhance intuition and creativity. It is a great stone for artists of any kind, with it’s powerful ability to enhance creative expression. It is also useful for general protection against evil, as well as protection particularly during psychic work.

These many forms of the July birthstone are each unique with their own properties, and I always encourage experimenting with different stones and their uses! We carry this bracelet, composed of ruby-colored jade, including the color therapy properties that aid the root chakra, and ruby in zoisite jade, complimenting the grounding of ruby jade with amplification of personal power and energy.

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4 Ways to Tell Your Root Chakra is Out of Whack

Chakras are energies that spiral inside of us, each supporting and developing a different aspect of ourselves, our bodies, and our souls. When one of these chakras is over or under active, sometimes it can be hard for the layperson to see what is going on. Here, we are going to review some of the symptoms of a misaligned root chakra. If you recognize yourself here a lot, you likely need to do some work on your root chakra!

1. You feel spacey, out of it, light-headed, or “dreamy” frequently.

Our root chakra keeps us grounded, to the Earth and to our physical reality. Feeling mentally or physically light-headed or in another world can mean we are lacking grounding; our root chakra may be not be acting as it should. Grounding exercises are great quick fixes for any of these symptoms.

2. You have an unhealthy relationship with food.

The root chakra deals with our material needs as humans, and our survival instincts. This means that it is deeply intertwined with food; how we eat, why we eat, and what we eat. If you have an unhealthy relationship to food, including overeating, under-eating, guilt around it, using it for comfort, and other issues, this could be a problem with your root chakra or you could be doing damage to your root chakra. Working on balancing your root chakra may aid you in developing a better relationship with food, and vice-versa.

3. You feel unsafe, anxious, or otherwise worried without a good reason frequently.

As our survival base, this also deals with issues of fight or flight. If you feel frequently anxious, on edge, or otherwise nervous and unsafe, this may indicate that your root chakra is overactive and reacting to everything. Grounding exercises, and breathing routines can help to relax this chakra.

4. You feel frequently undeserving of material things.

This one is a little bit harder to notice. However, the root chakra deals with our being, our human reality, and our existence. It also deal with our relationship, therefore, to material things, including objects that we want and need. If you frequently find it hard to spend money on yourself, on things that you might buy for other people, and feel guilt when you do make personal purchases or otherwise indulge your desires, you may be suffering from an unhealthy root chakra. Someone with a healthy root chakra makes responsible decisions, but can also indulge themselves.

Do you think your root chakra is unhealthy? Check out our course in totally overhauling your root chakra and rebalancing!

root chakra balancing copy

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Weekly Tarot – Week of June 19, 2017

Today’s card is…

Justice in reverse.

Keep an eye out this week; there may be some dishonest people lurking in your life.

Keep an eye on yourself too; the dishonest one could be you.

This week you may struggle with remaining accountable to yourself and yours around. It is especially important now to gather up the willpower to remain in check.

This is the time, if you have let anyone take action against, use you, walk all over you, to hold them responsible for their actions. Re-balance the lack of justice in your life.

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Weekly Tarot Reading – Week of June 12th

Today’s card is….

The Four of Swords

The man’s face is restful, eyes closed, at peace. Swords are laid down. The struggle is over. It is time to recuperate, to rest, and to consider all that has occurred.

The Four of Swords tells us that we have come through much. Take this time of peace to recover, mentally and physically. Take the time to think about what you have experienced before you take more action.

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Midsummer Candle Spell

midsummer candle copy

Use our LUCKY candle with rose petals, orange, and gardenia, or use either a green candle to focus on luck and abundance or a pink candle to focus on love. If you use your own candle, anoint it from the tips to the center with orange oil.

After this, light the candle.

Stare into the light of the candle. Breathe into the scent and let it fill your lungs. Imagine the fire filling you and spilling out light from inside your heart.

When you can feel and visualize this light, say this, in your head or out loud:

Sun shine bright

In candle light

Transform this flame

Into luck (or love) the same.

Continue to say this as you visualize what you desire in the flame. Do this for as long as you can feel the energy burning, or until the candle runs out.

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Midsummer Tarot Reading

Hey all! I know we haven’t been doing weekly tarots, but this week I wanted to do it with a special twist; this will be using the spread for my MIDSUMMER tarot readings. The reading is focused on the holiday of Midsummer, as the sun and energy peaks and we prepare for the coming harvests.

This reading focuses on personal power and growth.

When I drew this reading the first thing I noticed was how heavy it was on Major Arcana. I guess the Midsummer season is going to be important to me this year; I should pay a lot of attention to this reading, and to the messages that come with the Midsummer holiday.

I. Self – The Lovers in Reverse

This is the center card. It symbolizes me as we approach the Midsummer holiday, the peak of energy, and the last stretch of work before the harvest. The Lovers normally symbolize, well, love, as well as balance, especially of masculine and feminine energies. We see to the forbidden fruit and the serpent, reminding us of the temptation and choices of life.

The Lovers in reverse represents forces coming in imbalance, and the danger of our temptations. This likely symbolizes for me a need for stronger balance, in my relationships and in my life.

II. Power – The Hierophant

This is the personal power and strength that is growing in you, rising as the sun grows in strength, and ready to aid you to the harvests that come. The Hierophant is a religious symbol, as well as a symbol of any group one strongly associates with, and all traditions and beliefs. He is a very straight-forward message to me at this point; look to religion and my communities for strength, let my beliefs, all of them, keep me strong.

III. Revelation – The Emperor

This is the shift of mind that we must undergo as we shift from the season of growth to the season of decline. The Emperor is a masculine figure, bringing traditional masculine traits of firmness and authority to mind. This suggests, perhaps, that I must make a mental shift toward stability and structure. This is a serious shift for me, especially in my currently unstructured position with no schedule, no day job, and currently on the way to moving. This unstructured situation is stressful for me; self-imposed structure may be a mindset I need to switch to.

IV. Release – The Six of Swords in Reverse

This symbolizes the things that we need to let go of or prune away. These are the things we cannot carry with us to the harvest; they are either hurting our growth, or are things that we are trying to grow that we cannot grow right now.

This is what I want to call a bit of an “hello, idiot” card. Sometimes the answers the deck give are so simple and obvious you feel a bit like you’re being called out. Six of Swords in reverse deals with baggage and not moving on. Meaning, I need to let go of baggage and…move on. While seeming very straightforward to the point of maybe not being helpful, it is an important message to remember, that to grow I need to let go of certain issues and insecurities that may have (ie. have) risen again. Otherwise, it can choke out growth.

This is my first swords card, but not my last, indicating to me that issues of ambition and action are important to me in the coming days.

V. Strength – The Empress

This card symbolizes the area you have been successful in during this season. It is a reminder of how you can enact the personal power mentioned, embrace your revelation, release what you need to, nurture what you should, and ultimately grow.

The Empress is a feminine symbol, pair to the Emperor card. It deals with nurturing and motherhood. In this case, it is likely telling my to focus on my strength of nurturing others, my own personal ability to be a positive emotional presence. This seems, at first glance, unrelated to some of my other cards, but as we aid others and help them grow, and move, we see ourselves how we might and enact that positive energy in our own lives.

VI. Nurture – The Ace of Swords in Reverse

This is what you ought to nurture and focus on as the harvest season comes. This will be the thing that you can greatly grow from Midsummer to the first harvest if you give it attention.

The Ace of Swords normally symbolizes victory, triumph, and the focus of energy. In reverse, it represents a lack of clarity and chaos. This is the second time in my reading that focus has been an issue for me, but as the nurture category is a symbol of what you can nurture and grow, it shows hope. The deck, here, tells me that I need to take the time to clarify goals and work through the chaos, but also tells me that is something I can do.

VII. Growth – The Seven of Swords in Reverse

This is the area that you, on the path you are currently on, should grow the most in as the solar energy increases. This is the thing that is already growing, improving, flourishing, and will continue to do so.

This is one of those cards you want to see in reverse. It represents the desire to change, to turn the next page, turn over a new leaf, to grow and take charge of the differences you want to see in your life. As the rest of my reading tells me to adjust my life, to make life changes to the chaos and to my focus, this card tells me that I am already making changes, that I have the desire it takes to grow.

And that’s all!

I hope you enjoyed going through this reading with me. I certainly found it helpful. If you are interested in a reading yourself, you can check it out here.

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June Birthstones


One of the most well known of the June birthstones is pearls. Who doesn’t love pearls? They are simple, classic, and elegant. They are also available in an amazing range of colors beyond the basic white pearls.

Pearls have healing properties just like many crystals. Pearl can be used for eye and skin conditions. It is a great beauty enhancer.

If you are looking for pearls for someone with a June birthday, you can find this fancy jasper and freshwater pearl bracelet on my website.


Alexandrite is the second traditional birthstone for June. It is a beautiful stone that shifts in color between greens and reds. It’s properties include purifying, renewing, and emotional support.


Moonstone is a less conventional stone for June, if you are looking for something a little more original. Moonstone shines brightly in the light and comes in a variety of colors like rainbow, peach, and grey for a few. Moonstone is a stone of self support, good for inner strength. Peach moonstone is also a good stone for the heart chakra.

You can get specimens of peach moonstone from me here. Keep an eye out for wire wrapped moonstone, or contact me to reserve one of the pieces I am working on.


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Halcraft Pretty Palettes Reveal – May 2017

This month I wanted to try a style of bracelet I have made a couple times before and am really loving the look of recently: memory wire wrap bracelets. These bracelets mirror the look of many bracelets stacked, and are a fun way to combine a lot of different beads, colors, and charms into one bracelet. So, I only made one bracelet this month, and here it is.

You can get the bracelet here.

If you want to check out last month’s pretty palettes post you can find it here.