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Easing Depression With Essential Oils II

Welcome to part two on our series on essential oils that aid with the symptoms of depression. This section will go over the emblematic symptom: depressed mood. These oils will help to boost your ability to be positive and may lift your mood enough that you can find some helpful optimism, or at least feel better than you would have otherwise.

Grapefruit Oil

I suggest this oil more than any other for lifting mood. Grapefruit oil puts you in a more positive space to combat negative or sad thoughts that prolong your depressive episodes. It also aids in stress relief, combating something that can worsen your low mood. Using this in a soothing bath or swiping some (diluted) oil on to wear throughout the day can help give your mood the boost you need to keep going.

Orange Oil

As you may notice, this is the third citrus oil I have suggested in this series (including lemon from the last part). That’s because these oils are simply some of the best for dealing with depression symptoms, and cover multiple symptoms besides those under which I’m including them. Orange oil is reported to have uplifting affects, brightening your mood for the day when used in your morning shower or oil diffusion.

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is an amazing floral essential oil with great benefits. This is one of my favorite florals; potent but not overwhelming. Jasmine oil has shown in studies that its uses in aromatherapy for lifting mood and easing depression have real founding. The brain is stimulated and mood improved.

Let us know if you try any of these and your results! Feel free to comment any questions. We will be back with more oils for different symptoms soon!

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Easing Depression With Essential Oils I

This is the first part of a series on essential oils to aid in easing the multiple symptoms of depression. In this part, we are going to discuss essential oils that help with one of the more debilitating physical symptoms of depression: fatigue and lack of energy. Many actions that help with depression such as getting out of bed, taking a shower, and eating, require energy that depressed people just don’t have. These oils might give the boost you need to further pull yourself out of depression and to go on with your day.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has an amazing, bright smell that always reminds me of Christmas and peppermint candy. This is enough to life your mood! But peppermint oil also has another benefit when it comes to easing depression. When applied to the shoulders and neck (always dilute first!) it lifts your energy throughout the day, as well as improving concentration. We all know it can be hard to focus with the lethargy and low energy levels of depression and peppermint oil is a great help.

Lemon Oil

All citrus oils with their bright smells are helpful for energy lifting, but lemon oil particularly specializes in this area. It has a bright solar energy that can keep you awake and aware. Not only will it bring you energy, but lemon oil has calming, balancing effects, so this will be a good, positive, and clear energy rather than that frazzled coffee buzz!

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil, oh rosemary oil. It has a great herbal scent. If you’re like me, it’ll remind you of roasted chicken (not a bad thing!) Rosemary oil is specifically good not just for energy in general but for lifting you out of fatigue, that particular low energy, dragging sensation that depression can give you. This includes bodily fatigue and joint pain. Rub a diluted formula of rosemary on joints or fatigued muscles to pull in new energy.

I hope that these oils help you fight some of your symptoms. Feel free to comment with any questions, and stay tuned for the rest of this series on fighting other symptoms!

Easing Depression With Essential Oils

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Essential Oil Perfuming Basics Part 3

perfuming basics part 3 copy

Now that we’ve discussed scent families and how to mix scents, this post will be a brief overview of some popular essential oils so you can put together a scent of your own.


Orange is a citrus-y top note with solar properties that enhance mood and alleviate stress.


Vanilla can be used as a sweet base note. It is a soothing smell that can also improve mood and help you relax.


Frankincense is also a base note, with a heavy, spiced sweet scent. Frankincense can be used to clear the mind and aid in meditation and spiritual awareness.


Lavender is an herbal flower with a strong scent that can be used as a middle tone. As you may know, lavender is extremely helpful as a relaxing scent.


Cinnamon should be used in small amounts, and not at all if your skin is easily irritated. However, it is a powerful mood elevator and can be used as a middle or top note.


Lemon is a bright citrus top note. It is energizing, as well as promoting focus and happiness, making it a great all around scent for self-improvement purposes.


Peppermint is a fresh top note. This is a soothing smell, good for stress and anxiety. It is also a mental stimulant, and if you have frequent respiratory or nasal problems, it will help to keep your breathing clear.

For information on more oils, register for my class.

I will also be doing a program on essential oil perfuming at the Wolcott Public Library on June 8th. Contact the library to register.

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Essential Oil Perfuming Basics Part Two

7 awesome properties of cinnamon copy

This post is going to help you mix your scents together. Remember to keep in mind the scent families we spoke about in last post; this post will focus on scent levels, and how much of each you should include. Part one of this mini-course can be found here.

Top Notes

Top notes are the first notes to evaporate, and therefore the first that will be smelled when you wear your perfume. This means that it will give the initial impression of your perfume, so keep first impressions in mind when you choose your top notes. These are generally the brighter notes of any particular scent family. This should make up 10-30% of your perfume.

Mid Tones

Mid tones will be the general theme of your perfume; this is the thing that your perfume will really “smell like”. Make sure that this note is something that you really love, because it will stick around. These are generally fuller notes with fairly strong smells. This should make up 30-60% of your perfume.

Base Tones

Base notes are, well, the base of your perfume. Both mid tones and top notes will be judged and smelled against the base notes. This is the note that will carry your perfume, and the scent that stays around for the longest after all others are gone. This is a good chance to cut any very strong or harsh scents with something sweeter or heavier. This should make up 15-30% of your perfume.

If you would like a more in depth discussion of scent levels, a guide to which oils are which, and how to mix them, please check out my essential oil perfuming course here. Purchase includes lifetime access to the course and all future updates.

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Essential Oil Perfuming Basics Part One

aromatherapy perfuming basics essential oil diy

Scent Families

Our first lesson is on scent families. There are multiple scent family guides, but in this basic series, I’m going to use the families I think are most clear for most people. For a more in depth guide, and perfuming categories, you can take my online course in aromatherapy essential oil perfuming. Purchase means access to the course as it is released, as well as access to any updates made in the future.

The families I will be using for this mini-course are:

  1. Herbal
  2. Floral
  3. Gourmand (Dessert-y)
  4. “Oriental”
  5. Woodsy

Herbal Scents

Herbal scents are those green scents that you associate with green plans, particularly leafy ones. These are also the green herbs that you are likely to use in western cooking. These include thyme, rosemary, and other leafy herbal oils.

Herbal scents pair well with floral and woodsy scents.

Floral Scents

Floral scents are exactly what they sound like; the scents of flowers. True florals are rose and jasmine, however, softer and and powdery scents are also considered floral scents.

Floral scents pair well with herbal, woodsy, and some oriental scents.

Gourmand Scents

Gourmand scents are basically scents that smell like desserts. These scents are more common in fragrance oils rather than essential oils, but a big name for this is vanilla.

Gourmand scents pair well with oriental scents.

“Oriental” Scents

These are the scents of “eastern” spices; clove, anise, and others. This are generally warm and deep spiced scents.

Oriental scents pair well with some floral, herbal, and woodsy scents.

Woodsy Scents

This scents are those scents you might smell in the forest. It includes fir, pine, amber, and oakmoss, among other earthy scents.

Woodsy scents can be paired with most other scent families.

Check back into the blog for information on base, mid, and top notes, another important factor in perfume mixing! And remember to check out the perfumes in my shop.

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5 Best Oils for Oil Diffuser Bracelets

One of the new trends in the jewelry market is aromatherapy bracelets. These bracelets utilize clay beads or lava rocks to hold essential oils that provide therapeutic benefits throughout the day. Here is a guide to some oils to use.
*This post contains affiliate links. I will never link to products I do not like and trust.*


Lavender essential oil is one of the most relaxing and calming oils available. Using this in a diffuser bracelet will keep one’s anxieties at bay for the whole day. It is especially beneficial besides calming stones like amethyst, or hematite to absorb negative energy.


As summer comes closer, this one can come in handy. Eucalyptus oil on an oil diffuser bracelet can act as a natural mosquito repellent without any of the nastiness in some commercial options. Plus, it looks cute and doesn’t make you smell weird. It’s also useful for clearing your nose if you have a cold or allergies without carrying VapoRub with you everywhere.

Lemon – energy

The bright smell of lemon essential oil is great for bringing up your energy. If you are finding yourself fatigued or hitting that 2pm lull really hard, lemon oil might be a good option for you in a diffusor bracelet, and it will leave you always smelling fresh.

Grapefruit – positive mood

If you suffer from low mood or are feeling “bleh” every day, an oil diffuser bracelet with grapefruit oil can help. When days are stressful or bringing you down, grapefruit is a natural mood booster. The sweet citrus smell is just nice to have around anyway!

Rosemary – focus

If you’re a student like me, this one will be great for you. Rosemary oil enhances mental focus so you can have a clear mind and get work done. And don’t worry, it won’t make you smell like roasted chicken.

If you want to try the benefits of an oil diffuser bracelet, you can check out the options I have here.

Cinnabar lava rock diffuser bracelet

cinnabar and lava rocks stretch bracelet, oil diffuser bracelet, stretch bracele, oil diffusion bracelet

Buddha lava rock diffuser bracelet

Buddha bracelet, lava rock bracelet, oil diffuser bracelet, aromatherapy, buddhism

Cinnabar black and red, black jasper, lava rock wrap diffuser bracelet

Cinnabar wrap bracelet, red and black wrap bracelet, black and silver bracelet

And there’s more coming soon!